Listening to the cleverly written current Adult Alternative hit “Peach Fuzz” by CAAMP, a Columbus, Ohio 20-something trio, we flashed on elements of the unique melody from the 1997 one hit wonder “How Bizarre” by New Zealands’ OMC (“The Otara Millionaires Club).

“Peach Fuzz” is fun, even rousing:  it’s uptempo, snappy, intelligent, very “musical,” with an exciting cold open, and a clear statement of time and place: At a party. Love at first sight.

Hey little mamma when you talk back
I see your eyes light up and I love that

Every color of your love, I’ve seen enough, I want another

Just as “How Bizarre” was “unique,” “Peach Fuzz” is also pretty undefinable.

(In addition to #1 Billboard status in the U.S., “How Bizarre” was #1 in at least five other countries.)