Keeping Boomers In Touch With Today's Music

We connect a song from back-in-the-day to a current hit that has a similar sound/content/style.  You’ll be up to speed in 90-seconds.

Curated by Dave Sholin    |    Written by Lee Wade

Let’s Hear It For Strong Willed Women With Powerful Voices!

Let’s hear it for S-T-R-O-N-G willed women with P-0-W-E-R-F-U-L voices. For example, Annie Lennox singing “Walking on Broken Glass (1992) --her passion and conviction--she puts it all out there--and so does Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine in their newest,...

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D.J. Fontana, Elvis’ Original Drummer, Dead at 87

  D.J. Fontana, Elvis Presley’s drummer from 1954-1968, has died in his sleep in Nashville.  He was 87 years old, the last of the original members of Presley’s band. Fontana’s energy, power, and excitement were key contributors to Elvis’ unique sound—together, they...

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BIGGER & LOUDER vs. Old Fashion & Simple

  We live in an age of High! Tech!  Events are Bigger, Louder and Ever More Spectacular!! Simplicity isn’t even in the conversation! Except… that… Florida Georgia Line is whistling and strumming their way up the Country chart with " Simple” described by one half of...

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Girl(s) Like You

When Maroon 5 released "Girls Like You" (their newest), an up-tempo love song, the buzz was instantaneous. Almost every Top 40 and Adult Top 40 outlet had the song in high rotation, resulting in millions of streams and millions of views. In less than 2 weeks the song...

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Dion Pays Tribute to RFK with “Abraham, Martin, & John”

Lots of attention paid this week to the 50th anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s death (Thurs., June 6th), which came just two months after Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination in Memphis, both events occurring as the war in Viet Nam was escalating---CNN dubbed it "the...

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Location, Location, Location.

There’s always a place at the Country music table for men crying in their beer after losing a good woman--it’s just a question of modernization and packaging. And just like real estate, a lot has to do with location, location, location. For George Strait it was that...

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Ariana Grande: 24-year Old SuperStar

When 24-year old super-star Ariana Grande opened the Billboard Music Awards two weeks age with her hit "No Tears Left To Cry,” she bowled us over with her vocal range and soulful sensitivity that brought the song’s lyrics to life. Naturally, our thoughts turned to a...

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