Keeping Boomers In Touch With Today's Music

We connect a song from back-in-the-day to a current hit that has a similar sound/content/style.  You’ll be up to speed in 90-seconds.

Curated by Dave Sholin    |    Written by Lee Wade

“American Pie” Gets Honored in National Archives

"American Pie" by Don McLean is so special many of us remember the moment in 1971 when we first heard it. It spoke to us Boomers as if it was an anthem; channeling our collective experience, expressing the feelings of a whole generation in a ballad that made music...

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Songs of Summer

Be there or be square. Miley Cyrus’ “Malibu” is looming as one of this year‘s first, and perhaps defining, summer songs. It’s up-tempo, but unlike traditional “summer songs” it’s not overly peppy or bouncy, rather "Malibu" feels and sounds similar to 1988’s "I Get...

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Women In Heat: From Janet Jackson to Lady Gaga

  Twenty-four years ago Janet Jackson steamed up the air waves with "That's The Way Love Goes" as she lusted for a certain man… an eternal story line that probably goes back to Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales, with the latest rendition “The Cure” by Lady Gaga,...

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Cher! Cher! Cher!

  Cher will take the spotlight this Sunday (5/21) at the annual Billboard Music Awards when she receives their prestigious "Icon" Award. Could anyone be more deserving? The woman's been around for 50 years!  She's a music diva, a fashion trendsetter, a TV star. ...

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Is John Legend Perfect?

  Can you imagine suave and dreamy John Legend doing an hilarious bit on Steven Colbert’s Late Show” --turning these mundane lyrics into a romantic croon: Honey, I’m running out to CostCo Ooooh oooh There’s no such thing Ooh ooh As too many paper towels…ooh ooh...

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New Summer Song Brings to Mind The Fabulous Thunderbirds

The let loose, intense energy kick that The Fabulous Thunderbirds delivered on 1986’s party-song “Wrap it Up” comes to mind listening to “Drink Up” a zesty, up-tempo summer song by Train, that’s already getting Adult Top 40 radio play. Train, a well oiled band of...

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New, Different & A “Must Listen To”

  Currently #1 on the Adult Alternative format, “Feel It Still” is polished and spit shined, a smooth, lyrical, sophisticated tune that shares some of the musical underpinnings and hook filled melodies that we heard in the 70s and 80s, done especially well by...

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For Those of You Who Like (Very) Traditional Country

Few, besides Nashville insiders, had heard of Chris Stapleton until several months after his 2015 feature in Rolling Stone, and then, just a few months after that, he won three CMA awards (Country Music Association):  Album Of The Year, New Artist Of The Year, and...

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Let’s Go Dancing!

  It was the late 80s, when Bobby Brown’s "Every Little Step" got us dancing.  Today, it’s "Kissing Strangers" by DNCE, featuring superstar rapper Nicki Minaj, who adds her own brand of rhythmic spice to the mix.   It’s getting airplay right now on Top 40 and...

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