Keeping Boomers In Touch With Today's Music

We connect a song from back-in-the-day to a current hit that has a similar sound/content/style.  You’ll be up to speed in 90-seconds.

Curated by Dave Sholin    |    Written by Lee Wade

Peace, Love, & Understanding Redux (Thank You Jason Mraz)

It’s hard to believe that Boomers considered “peace, love and understanding” a viable worldview vs. today, where the choices are far more bellicose. Often, we look to artists to help us focus, to organize our world and express it in a way we can understand, knowing...

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Sad & Soulful Songs by Men With Broken Hearts.

"A Little Honey,” Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats latest top 20 Adult Alternative hit, has a big sound that includes Rateliff’s signature scorching, soulful vocals, reminding us of Solomon Burke's 1963 classic "If You Need Me." Artists like these pack a...

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We’re Not In Kansas Anymore.

Boomers grew up listening to music made in the great cities of 20th century America:  Detroit, Philly, Chicago, San Francisco, the deep South. So its surprising to note that there are currently three big rock acts from Las Vegas, a relatively new city without an...

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Daryl Hall, John Oates, & The Philly Sound

Philadelphia boy Daryl Hall and partner John Oates, who’ve been around since the 70s, are still selling out arenas, their new song is top 15 on the Adult Contemporary and Pop radio charts, and, thanks to MTV’s "Daryl's House,” Hall is a household name to a new...

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The More Things Change, The More They Change

At one time Country music’s image was of rugged, tanned drunks who loved their mothers and then went to prison. Today’s Country is much fluffier—if hit-bound “Hotel Key” by Old Dominion, one of Nashville’s most popular, talented, and successful bands, was a color, it...

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Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, a holiday that  commemorates a minor Mexican military victory, and which is more popular here in the U.S. than it is in Mexico. Sometimes known as  “drinko de mayo,” tequila is the drink of choice. Flash back to “Tequila” the song.  It’s...

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