Certain kinds people prefer certain kinds of music, for example, if 1987’s “Need You Tonight” by Inxs hit you up side the head every time you heard it– for those kinds of people, “Body Talks” by British band The Struts is a no brainer–that  early rock n’ roll visceral, primitive rhythm, updated, and with a similar sexual meta-message.  The lyrics are creative and original.

Your lips are a conversation
That face is a song

When you flick your hair like you don’t care
And you’re asking where I’m from
That game that you’re running baby
You’ve already won

 The Struts starting touring few weeks ago as openers for A-listers The Foo Fighters, which will fuel the growth of this current track and heighten interest in the band.  “Body Talks” is from their new, unreleased album.  (BTW, they opened for the Rolling Stones’ sold-out Paris concerts, in 2016.)

Boomer Music Update featured The Struts “Put Your Money On Me” which we loved (from 2016), and the post included  their bio info, too. https://boomermusicupdate.com/alternative/struts-rock-rollers-influenced-def-leppard/