Some people say that the lyrics in “Baby, I’m Broken” are too repetitious and simple, as if a hard-core rock n’ roll song even needs words—hello Duane Eddy and “Rebel Rouser.” Rock n’ Roll is about the gestalt: the walk AND the talk, plus attitude and charisma.

“Baby, I’m Broken” showcases The Record Company’s brilliance at producing something totally new with a nod toward good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll and its nasty twinge of danger.

“Baby, I’m Broken” has the same “crank it up” and let your hair down sound that groups like The Yardbirds created when they covered Bo Diddley’s classic “I’m A Man,” in 1965.

The Record Company is a badass band—their debut album was nominated for a 2017 Grammy in the “Best Contemporary Blues” category.“

“Baby, I’m Broken” is currently Top 20 on the Adult Alternative chart.

Boomer Music Update gave a shout out to The Record Company a year ago, featuring “Give It Back To You” in the “Weekly Whatever.” We described them as like ballsy, raw, and raunchy.