23-y/o singer/songwriter/rapper Dominic Fike went from jail to a purported $4 million recording contract in a few short years, and he delivers the goods with his hit  “3 Nights,” a reference to the three sleepless nights he spent in a motel…

Under streetlights
In the city of palm (he’s from Florida)

“3 Nights” of mourning, his heart hurting to a wildly original song with clever lines:

Green lights in your body language

and whole riffs…

And now every long day is a bad one
I can’t make you call or make you stay
Or take you off the pedestal
So I get lost in modern music watchin’ movies
Talkin’ to the walls in my room
Walkin’ through the halls in my head

“3 Nights” has that groovy pop-reggae flavored vibe that “Do you Really Want to Hurt Me” that Boy George and Culture Club had in 1982.  Smooth and silky.

Already a success in England and Australia, “3 Nights” is a hit on the U.S.  Alternative chart, and is also climbing on Adult Top 40.

Dominic Fike  has had hard time of it and he’s come a long way:  his mother was incarcerated for much of his youth, and in 2017, he, too, went to jail, for violating house arrest for battery on a police officer.  Over the summer, he announced that he planned a world tour, for later in the year.