Mt. Joy plays to an Alternative and Adult Alternative fan base, so it’s OK if you’ve never heard of them, however, they are prepping for the mainstream, i.e. announcing their first ever festival sets at the legendary Bonnaroo and Newport Folk Festivals, which is the equivalent of climbing the corporate ladder or “paying your dues” for the rest of us.

The band’s latest, “Silver Lining,” is a moody, dark-ish, forceful rock song, written 5-6 years ago by Matt Quinn, the band’s lead singer and guitarist, when he was a college student.

…wear that silver lining

Wear it close to your skin

Not all his lines are as good as those, but if you are jonesing for that Springsteen vibe–jammed-up energy, like in a jack-in- the-box, the kind that is experienced by those younger than we, than this could be a song for you.

Quinn was inspired by Bruce Springsteen; he says “Thunder Road” “might be his all-time favorite tune.”

“Silver Lining” is #2 on the Adult Alternative chart.

Mt. Joy’s two founding members are from Philadelphia, PA. They’ve added three more band mates, and are based in Los Angeles, CA.