In 1987, Scottish band Danny Wilson scored a one hit wonder called “Mary’s Prayer,” with a sound that offers a similar music vibe to “Back Down,”  the newest Alternative release from Bob Moses. If you aren’t familiar with them, their official format is “electronic, alternative, and dance.”

Both “Mary’s Prayer” and “Back Down” are smooth with good hooks; upbeat, but not too much; restrained intensity.  And both songs have creative, original, intelligent lyrics about things adults think about and deal with.

“Back Down” is glossy–highly polished with precision production:

Caught in the tide of our own divide
Our moment to make a stand
We’re all in the fight for a future bright
It’s burning inside our hands
Fell on a line on our own this time
We failed the forgotten man

Your reality is our insanity

No one in the group Danny Wilson had that name, rather, it was an homage to the title of a 1952 Frank Sinatra film. An insider thing…

…as is the duo known as Bob Moses:  Canadians and  electronic music makers Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie named themselves after the late Robert Moses, known as  NYC’s famed master planner who created hundreds of landmark buildings.