2018 has been a good year for L. A. based trio LovelyTheBand…in March, we raved about “Broken” –two lonely (and broken) spirits, connecting.  Despite its title, that song was chirpy, sweet, upbeat and positive and was a  hit on both Adult top 40 and Alternative radio.  (Actually, “Broken” is still a hit; it’s Top 5/Adult Top 40 and also close to Top 10/ Top 40.)

Now, the group has a new hit:  “These Are My Friends,” another hook filled song that’s up-tempo and charming, inclusive and generous, and sung with anthem-like conviction and gusto, and brings to mind Andrew Gold’s ubiquitous “Thank You for Being My Friend,” from 40-years ago, which was also simple, charming, and touching.

“These Are My  Friends” is hovering around Top 10 on Alternative radio.