Apparently, lovers are still compelled to converse IRT, which is comforting, is it not–that even the digitals crave a voice from time to time vs. a text, at least in the romance dept.?

Which brings us to 21-year old Texas singer/songwriter/producer Sloan Struble, stage name Dayglow, and his Alt/Adult Alt hit “Can I Call You Tonight.”  The melody has an old school pop feel but there’s no sugar coating when it comes to the theme and chorus. The lyrics– intimate, interesting and seeking–conjure up a phone call..

So can I call you tonight?
I’m trying to make up my mind
Just how I feel
Could you tell me what’s real?
I hear your voice on the phone
Now I’m no longer alone
Just how I feel
Could you tell me what’s real anymore?
‘Cause I wouldn’t know.

in 1966 Chris Montez’s “Call Me” was huge–“everyone” heard him wait and plead for her to call...

Call me, don’t be afraid,
you can call me,
Maybe it’s late but just call me.
Tell me and I’ll be around.

“Can I Call You Tonight” has almost 46 million Youtube views. It’s #4 on Adult Alt and #7 on Alt, after peaking top 3.