I’m in my twenties, living reckless
So turn the hourglass over and let’s wreck this
It’s a brand new world, I got a brand new heart
And everyday I make a brand new start

“All My Friends” by The Revivalists is gripping, the galloping sound grabs you by the throat, the production is wild, and the lyrics are insight into 21st century 20-something’s friendships/lifestyles/ perspective and values.

All my friends take good care of me
Wherever I go they bring me home
When I got no place to be

Friendship is a recurring theme in music– decade after decade–in the mid-70’s the band War climbed the chart and scored a big-time “Top 10” hit with “Why Can’t We Be Friends,” which, in retrospect, sounds corny and “so 70s” but it captured the spirit of the time, and has over 10 million YouTube views, which tells you something about its enduring, simple appeal.

…does the VERY edgy “All My Friends” speak for this generation’s 20-somethings friendships/lifestyles/ perspective and values, i.e. does it capture the spirit of the time?

It was instantly embraced by nearly every Adult Alternative and Alternative radio outlet and is currently #3 on Adult Alt and #11 on Alt charts and likely to catch on in Pop, too.