“Angela” by Denver based The Lumineers is a song about a woman running away from commitment but coming to her senses in the end.  It’s a top 10 Alternative hit,  and The Lumineers included it in their set when they opened for U2’s recent tour, and also in their own worldwide tour.

“Angela” is sad, sweet and “artsy” –it helps to watch the video, which gives the lyrics some context.

Apparently, writing a rock/pop/folk/indie song with a woman’s name is a tradition, from Maybelline” to “Suzy-Q” to Eleanor Rigby–and the Lumineers are true believers, because their hits include “Cleopatra,’” and “Ophelia,” in addition to “Angela. All three songs are included on their latest album, also named “Cleopatra.”

Singer, songwriter, lead singer and guitarist Wesley Schultz says he was inspired by his ex-girlfriend.

We’re not certain who inspired Pure Prairie League’s country/pop/folk 1975 hit “”Amie” but it does confirm the popularity of  naming song after a woman, although this particular song swished around the industry for years before connecting with the public.