How do we know that Cage the Elephant hits the Boomer sweet spot?

Because this is the fifth time BoomerMusicUpdate has posted one of their songs.  For some reason, their music connects to the songs of our collective past.

Music-wise, their newest, “Ready to Let Go,” is catchy from the first few notes and captures the flavor of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in The Wall.”

Lyric-wise, the two songs diverge:  Pink Floyd’s walls are global and are both real and emotional; Cage the Elephant’s “Ready to Let Go” is personal, about the walls that separate a couple that were once in love.

On holy ground, our vows were broken…
…We both knew this day was coming
“Ready to Let Go” is #3 on both the Alternative chart and Adult Alt format.  It’s the first single from “Social Cues,” the bands 5th album, set for release next month.