If you love the frenzy of punk rock, than allow us to recommend “Father of All,” the latest by Green Day: Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt, now  joined by drummer Tre Cool, are still rockin’ (30+ years and counting).

The now almost 50-something duo are on a scorching pace and this latest single climbed to #6 on the Alternative chart mere weeks from release.

Punk is an acquired taste, and even though the whole scene can be off-putting, sometimes the sentiments are appealing and relatable:

I woke up to a message of love
Choking up on the smoke from above
I’m obsessed with the poison and us
What a mess? Because there’s no one to trust
There’s a riot living inside of us

The song clearly embraces Green Day’s punk rock roots, featuring a sound with a throwback feel to punk’s late 70s hey-day, when groups like The Ramones lit up the radio airwaves with rock classics such as 1978’s “I Wanna Be Sedated.”

Green Day fans await the the groups 13th album, due to drop February, 2020.