In the midst of a world wide pandemic, “I Got You” by Michael Franti and Spearhead is just what the doctor ordered:   It’s one of 17 songs included in their new album, “Work Hard & Be Nice,” which is dedicated to finding meaning, joy, ease of heart, moments of letting go, and lots of dancing.

Fly higher

See clearer

Burn brighter

Feel more than we ever did before

Yeah we can swim oceans

Climb mountains

Dance like nobody’s watching

Live life like we never did before

This is a refreshing, feel good song–upbeat, positive and graceful, and it’s already “Top 10” on the Adult Alt chart.

In 1965, James Brown also sang “I Got You” (I Feel Good)–and it, too, transported us to an energized “happy place.”

Michael Franti is a California based political activist, poet, and singer/songwriter: hip hop, funk, reggae, jazz, folk, dance-hall, rock, and pop. He’s 54 y/o.