Machine Gun Kelly (born Colson Baker), multi-talented singer/songwriter, rapper and actor, was only 10 y/o in 2000, when Blink 182’s  #1 hit,  “All The Small Things,” helped define Pop Punk.

Today, MGK, as he’s sometimes known, is a star with his own brand of Pop Punk, and his “Bloody Valentine” is charting #13 on the Alternative chart .

Pop Punk is more about the whole experience, the presentation, and the delivery and less about whether or not the lyrics make sense,  however,  “Bloody Valentine” has some pith:

I don’t do fake love
But I’ll take some from you tonight…

I can’t stay forever, let’s play pretend
And treat this night like it’ll happen again

In the video, Kelly cavorts with real life girlfriend, actress Megan Fox.