Bruce Springsteen’s “Letter to You” is an emotional, sweeping, tender, touching tale of deep love of and feelings for his 50-year career, including his musical partners and fans, and reflections on personal life, too.

Things I found out through hard times and good
I wrote ’em all out in ink and blood
Dug deep in my soul and signed my name true
And sent it in my letter to you

Backed by the E Street Band for the first time since 2016’s “The River” tour, both the song and the entire LP are critically acclaimed. “Letter to You” zoomed to #5 on the Adult Alt chart within 3-days of its release. Recorded in just five days this new collection includes several 70’s tracks not previously issued. Songs of reflection are a rock n’ roll tradition— Bob Seger was only 33 y/o, in 1978, when his soulful, evocative “Still the Same” reached #5 on the Top 40 chart.

As we Boomers age (Springsteen is 71, Bob Seger is 74) our experiences will be, as always, channeled through the music, and, as Springsteen shows us, those reflections will expand to include more years, more experiences, more insight, and even some wisdom.