Rolling Stone magazine gave us the heads up in 2008 when it announced singer/songwriter  Brett Dennen an “Artist To Watch.”

Sure enough, Dennen’s hit his stride with “Already Gone,” displaying his innate ability to blend pop/rock and folk –he gets audiences feeling good and singing along to hook filled melodies.

When you listen to “Already Gone,” you can hear Baby Boomer Nick Lowe’s career high, 1979’s “Cruel to Be Kind,” woven into it. Both songs are agreeable and likeable; easy to listen to, non-offensive, free of emotion, wisdom and insight, and just clever enough, with the delightful, groovy energy of a good POP song.

Brett Dennen is one of those talents that should be more famous than they are.  Although he’s gotten radio exposure, it’s been limited to the Adult Alternative format, and he’s never had a breakout, across the board hit.

Dennen is 38-years old, from central California, a graduate of the University of California/Santa Cruz.  He’s been singing professionally for almost 15 years.

He started a tour last month, just as “Already Gone” moved into the Adult Alternative Top 10. (It’s currently #5.)