Some songs just have a a “different” sound, like Procol Harum’s blues/rock “Whiter Shade of Pale.” One of 1967’s biggest hits, it’s a perennial Boomer favorite, with almost 100 million Youtube views.

Dermot Kennedy creates a “different” sound,” too, and, tempo aside, there is a lyrical and melodic commonality in his “Power Over Me” and “Whiter Shade of Pale.”

Kennedy’s song is romantic yet masculine…about a man happily infatuated with a woman, it moves at a fast clip, with abstract concepts in many of the lines, some open to interpretation.

Kennedy’s vocals are commanding, his approach folksy, and his gifts are story-telling and imagery; critics have been praising him for years. Last year, Youtube included him in their “One to Watch” list.

“Power Over Me” is Top 5 on the Adult Alternative chart, with a good chance of hitting #1, which could propel Kennedy into the more mainstream pop world.

Singer/songwriter Dermot Kennedy was born in Dublin, Ireland, and he’s  27-years old.