If you grooved to Billy Idol’s world-wide dance sensation “Dancing with Myself,” (1972 ) than you’ll recognize that “Bad Decision,” by The Strokes, borrows Idol’s melody line.

The Strokes, a five-member New York Indie rock/garage rock/post-punk revival band tear into “Bad Decisions” with Billy Idol level ferocity, and keep that intensity for almost five minutes. The lyrics are incidental…

Dropped down the lights,
I’m sitting with you

Moscow, 1972

Always singing in my sleep

I will leave it in my dreams

Pick up your gun

Put up your gloves

Save us from harm

Safe or alone

“Bad Decisions” enters the Adult Alt Top 10 at #6, and charts #18 on the Alt format. The band’s 6th album, “The New Abnormal,” drops April 10th.

Interesting fact: Boomers will likely recall “It Never Rains in Southern California,” a top-five 1972 hit for Albert Hammond. Nearly 50 years later, his son, Albert Hammond Jr., is the Stroke’s guitarist.