Note to readers:  All the  artists and acts that make it to our website are top tier-talent, or they wouldn’t have made it far enough in the music business to get a shot at the chart and stardom, yet, to paraphrase George Orwell, all the artists who chart are top-tier, but some artists who chart are more top-tier than others– for example The Head and the Heart, a five man/one woman band from Seattle that’s been around for 10+ years, whom we love, and wrote about in 2017, and again last year.

They’ve charmed us with their newest, “Honeybee,” which is a killer, so to speak–of course we immediately connected it, in our minds, to 1965’s “It’s the Same Old Song” by The Four Tops, which opened with…

“You’re sweet as a honeybee

but like a honeybee stings

However, the two songs don’t sound at all alike.

The Four Tops are Motown par excellence, and the Head and the Heart are Alternative/Indie Folk/Rock; their song is delightful and airy, with well-written, complex lyrics and a warm, uplifting chorus.

But here we are

After all the messes and confessions

To the stars

That we never really owned as ours

 And if our world comes tumbling down

I never could forgive myself for leaving out

You’re the one

You are the only one

Singer/songwriter Jonathan Russell penned this tale, about successfully mending a relationship, while hiking in Joshua Tree National Park, CA.  It currently ranks #4 on the Alternative chart, and #41 on Adult Top 40.

(The video is kooky.)