We love Cage the Elephant, and have featured this six- member rock band from Bowling Green, KY numerous times.  One reason we love the group is the creative genius of brothers Brad and Matt Shultz, who anchor the band’s success.

Their newest, “Social Cues,” tackles the high price paid for stardom and success in the music business, delivered in that cosmic, ethereal, David Bowie “Ashes to Ashes” kind of style. (BTW next month is Ashes to Ashes” 39th anniversary.) Bowie fans will recognize the instumental flourishes and rhythmic ebb and flow that are so 70’s and 80’s.

Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

I think it’s strange when people say
You’re the next big thing, you’ll never fade
The slightest touch and first to fall
Sleight of the hand, modern goal
Close your eyes, don’t be afraid
Take some of these, they’ll ease the pain
Live fast, die young, pay the price
The best die young, immortalized
Hide me in the back room
Tell me when it’s over

“Social Cues” is fluid, with floaty images,and wisps of thoughts.

In addition to the Shultz brothers, Cage the Elephant band members include:
Nick Bothrat/ lead guitar
Jared Champion/drums
Matthan Minster/guitar and keyboard
Daniel Tichenor/bass