“Nights Moves” is a “classic rock” classic, and Country star Eric Church’s “Heart on Fire” captures the same melodic texture as Bob Seger’s 1976 rocker, racing to #36 on the Country chart just weeks after release, confirming why he’s the reigning CMA “Entertainer of the Year.”

From the opening notes, “Heart on Fire” just picks up intensity.  it’s definitely a Country song, but it’s one that a classic rock fan could love…the kind of song that demands a “turned up radio,” it captures youthful spirit and the shared experiences that are unique to each generation.  The words and music transport Boomers to our collective past.

Roosevelt Road was too rough for my old truck
Yeah, she’d shake and she’d shimmy like Elvis singin’ “All Shook Up”


We weren’t old enough to drink but we damn sure did it


That look on your face was full of wild desire
Soakin’ my soul in gas and settin’ my heart on fire