Just because a Country song has a line like

 …let’s make a little lemonade if lemons is all we got

…doesn’t automatically exclude it from greatness: Many famous Country songs have banal lyrics, but make up for it somewhere else, like emotional connection, or storytelling, or musical artistry, and anyway, not all the lines in “Make it Sweet,” by Old Dominion, are as obvious as the above, and what their song lacks in emotion and story-line they make up for with enthusiasm. This is an up-tempo, happy-happy song.

“Make it Sweet” is a perfect example of  “what’s not like?”  A song doesn’t need to be “deep” or require an interpretation to be impactful and meaningful.  Sometimes a song’s purpose is to rejoice, to be grateful, a welcome reminder that life is short.  This song is fun and feels good.

Twenty years ago, Travis Tritt had a hit with “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” –a similar message, done in his own style— less rah-rah but no less sincere.

Five of Old Dominion’s last six hits reached #1, with another topping out at #2. The group won Vocal Group of The Year at last November’s Country Music Awards.