One of the consequences of grocery delivery is not reading “Star” or “People” while waiting in the check-out line, thus, losing touch with celebrity gossip, and maybe missing the news that in-love love-birds Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani (both of “The Voice”) are officially engaged and that they have just released “Happy Anywhere” currently charting at #5 on the Country chart.

You’re always my destination

You’re the only thing that I’m chained to

I could be happy anywhere

I could be happy anywhere with you

Like Gwen and Blake, Tammy Wynette and George Jones were super-Novas in a high-profile romance (that later imploded), however when things were good, they were great.  They had magic, too, and included the bouncy, feel-good “We Go Together” in their first album as a duo.

Like ice cream and an apple pie, we go together

Neither of those two songs are great, or even memorable, but both impart a feeling of immense joy and an abundance of happy energy—and that, as they say, “is worth the price of admission.”