We live in an age of High! Tech!  Events are Bigger, Louder and Ever More Spectacular!!

Simplicity isn’t even in the conversation!

Except… that… Florida Georgia Line is whistling and strumming their way up the Country chart with ” Simple” described by one half of the multi award winning duo as  “four chords and heart” –his musical partner says, “we feel like we upped our game on this project”.

Simple” is upbeat, has a catchy tune, cute lyrics and a corny delivery:

It’s like one, two, three
Just as easy as can be
Just the way you look at me
You make me smile
Ain’t no need to complicate it, we both know that’s overrate
We’ve been there, it’s safe to say it ain’t our style

We used to live on Instagram
Worry ’bout who all gives a damn
‘Bout where we’ve been and where we ended up
Then I met you and you met me
And all the rest is history an epiphany

Claiming that the “modern” world is just “too much” is a sentiment that cuts across generations.
Almost 50 years ago the Statler Brothers sang the same message, also with cute and catchy lyrics and an uncomplicated melody.  “Do You Remember These” touched on Howdy Doody, Ovaltine, and a slew of other cultural cues that implied 1972 was just too complicated compared to those earlier times, simpler, years.