Sam Hunt is a Country star, and he’s hurtin’ big time. His latest, “Breaking Up Was Easy In the 90’s,” is classic Country: twang (Hunt is from Georgia), jail, and a heartbreak so sad and so bad you can feel it yourself.

He cites technology as a contributor to breakup-heart ache, and figures it had to be easier in the 90s.

Modern love leads to modern hearts breaking
I’m just a product of my generation

I try to let you go but somethin’ always reminds me
I bet breakin’ up was easy in the ’90s

He’s referring to the social media reminders that his ex is “moving on.”

In 1996, singer/songwriter Mark Chesnutt’s “It’s a Little Too Late” (also “classic” Country) had a woe-is-me, live and let live point of view in his break-up song.

I should’ve done this and I should’ve done that,

I should’ve been there then she’d have never left,

I should’ve been hangin’ on every word she had to say,

But it’s a little too late, she’s a little too gone.

Popular music both reflects and influences the culture at large. Before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. the experience and circumstances of a romantic break-up may have been different, but not necessarily easier…

“Breaking Up Was Easy In the 90’s” currentlyu charts #28.