The crowd jumped to their feet when Luke Bryan, winner of 2015’s coveted CMA “Entertainer of the Year” award, and “American Idol” judge, performed his newest hit “What Makes You Country” at this year’s Country Music Association Awards show–kudos to hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, for priming the audience and setting the show’s tone, which really paid off because this year’s  Country Music Awards  show was the top rated prime time show of the evening.

Country music likes to sing songs about what makes someone “Country.”  Bryan’s latest offers a panoply of choices: fishing and camping in the forest?   Being part of a family? The kind of stand-up person who does his duty to God and Country?

Singer/songwriter Tracey Byrd did his version in 1998’s hit  “I’m From the Country.”

These anthem like stances imply that “real” Country fans, in their spare time,  drink beer, go camping,  wear cowboy boots, drive a pick-up, bla-bla,  when in reality, maybe his fans just like the sound of Country music.

It comes with the territory.

Last summer, Bryan became the first ever Country artist to play at L.A’s Dodger Stadium. His recently wrapped  “What Makes You Country tour” took in $65+ million, surpassed only by by more mainstream and more mega Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift.

Two weeks ago, CBS aired Garth Brooks Notre Dame special, the first live concert ever performed there.

Like we said:  Country is having a moment.