If Dolly Parton’s “9-5” (1984) had a baby with Shaina Twain’s “Man!  I Feel like a Woman, ” (1997) it might be “Like a Lady,” the newest release from Lady A.

Co- written and sung by the group’s Hillary Scott, it’s got the charm and sass of both those songs, their singers and the sentiment of female empowerment.

Lady A gets right to point, too:

Leave the dress at home ’cause it makes me too polite

No more waiting by the phone

I’m stepping out tonight

“Like a Lady” has the muscular instrumentals reminiscent of “ 9-5” and the assertiveness of “Man! I Feel Like a Woman.” It’s fun, and up-tempo… but maybe a little late to the party…

Sippin’ on tequila with my Levi’s on
Singin’ to the music playin’ all night long…

…that was “empowerment” in the 80s and 90s ….in the 21st century, empowerment is a female Vice President of the USA.