Pop music has had its share of “couple songs:” Romeo & Juliet, Paul & Paula, even Lesley Gore’s Johnny & Judy–they were popular but the ne plus ultra of “couple songs,” “Jack & Diane,” has become part of American pop culture, even though no-one is exactly sure what the song meant, back in 1982, when then John Cougar, now Mellencamp, released this tour de force on the world’s music scene, but we do know that the Recording Industry Association chose “Jack & Diane” as one of the “Songs of the Century” and that it is so deeply embedded in Americana that Country singer Jake Owens has a fast rising hit out “I Was Jack (You Were Diane)” which has a terrific story line: Jack & Diane, Updated. Perfect for Boomers.

The time is now.  Jack and Diane have lost touch.  Jack/Jake is driving. Couger/Mellencamp comes on the radio. Jack has fond flashbacks of his time with Diane, and wonders, when Diane is driving, and this song comes on the radio, does she, too, turn up the sound, and think fondly of him?

“Life goes on.”

Warning: This song is v-e-r-y “Country.” If you don’t like Country, but love the original “Jack & Diane,” be prepared.

“I’m Jack (You Were Diane)” is being played on almost every Country radio station in America, ranking #18.