After Lee Brice was injured while playing football for Clemson, he re-directed his career to music, where he’s been uber-successful as a singer/songwriter, racking up more than a half-dozen number one hits. 

 His newest, “Memory I Don’t Mess With,” is strong stuff: 

 To a memory I don’t mess with
The girl I was the best with
The one I was obsessed with 

 Red leaves on the river
Footprints in the sand
Cold walk in December
Warming up your hands 

Brice tackles the deep and long-lasting after-effects of love lost, a time-honored and much covered Country music staple, presented here with an edge similar to Travis Tritt’s 1994 “Between an Old Memory and Me” where the M.O. is a drink at the bar, a song on the juke box, and contemplation:   

 I’m not hurtin’ anybody as far as I can see, 

 I just need to be alone sometimes, 

While she goes walkin’ through my mind. 

“Memory I Don’t Mess With,” at #44, is just starting to climb the Country music chart.