There’s always a place at the Country music table for men crying in their beer after losing a good woman–it’s just a question of modernization and packaging.

And just like real estate, a lot has to do with location, location, location.

For George Strait it was that “Ocean Front Property”–in Arizona–(with the Golden Gate Bridge thrown in for free), his 1987 monster hit which no doubt helped heal his broken heart, and now here’s Country heart-throb Sam Hunt‘s “Downtown’s Dead” (because—why else—she’s not there) rocketing into the top 20 just weeks after its release, no doubt helping to heal HIS broken heart.

When George Strait sang “Ocean Front Property,” 30+ years ago, he wore a cowboy hat and a shirt with pearl buttons and a patterned yoke; he was a nice, non-threatening kind of guy, with a sound that was clearly, definitely, Country; Sam Hunt is buff, wears a black T-shirt and is famous for his looks and sex appeal.  His sound is mild Country.

Both guys have “it.”  George Strait has racked up more #1 songs  than anyone in Country music history. Sam Hunt’s recent “Body Like A Back Road” spent 34 weeks at #1, the longest stretch in Country music history!