From Beethoven’s “Ode To Joy” to The Youngbloods “Get Together” (a song with so much appeal it charted twice, in 1967 and 1969) to Kenny Chesney’s brand new “Get Along,” human nature always has been, and remains, hopeful.

It’s the artists and their interpreters who remind us, in between songs about love, lust, and heartbreak, that pleas for peace, love, and understanding are legitimate, durable, story lines.

Country superstar Kenny Chesney, who has spent almost half of his 50 earthly years as a Country S-T-A-R* has thrown his hat in the ring (so to speak) with his newest release, “Get Along” –it’s his plea that the world put aside differences and strive for unity, friendship and peace.

Other than the content, it sounds like most of Kenny Chesney’s other songs: modern, non-offensive, with a few unexpectedly good lyrics mixed in with the more mundane ones

A man wearin’ a t-shirt, says “Virginia is for lovers”

Had a Bible in his left hand and a bottle in the other
He says “All you’re really given is the sunshine and your name”
We both started laughin’ when the sky started to rain

“Get Along” ranks top 15 on the Country chart.

* Chesney’s  a four time “Entertainer Of The Year” winner at both the Country Music Awards and the American Music Awards and he’s had over 40 top10 hits, many of them reaching #1.