Current hit:  “Sand In My Boots”  by Morgan Wallen

Linked to: “Sand in my Shoes” by the Drifters/1964

Because:  The titles are so similar we couldn’t resist connecting them, even though the two songs don’t sound remotely alike.

“Sand In My Boots” is well written and has a beautiful melody; the Drifters song is classic 60s Drifters.

The Morgan Wallen Brouhaha

The last two years have been a huge success for 28 year old Morgan Wallen, in terms of sales, streams and downloads. His double platinum album, “Dangerous,” is nominated for the Country Music Association’s “Album of the Year” next month (Nov. 10th) but… he won’t be in attendance…’cause he’s not invited …

Earlier this year, while under the influence of alcohol, Wallen used a a racial slur, resulting in his songs being taken off the air, a suspension by his record company, and a stint in rehab, all now in the past…his songs are back on radio, the record label lifted their ban and he still has his public support.  Done and done.

Charting: #19 on the Country music chart.