Country singer/songwriter Dustin Lynch knows small towns ’cause he grew up in Tullahoma, Tennessee,  population just under 20,000.

In 2017, his “Small Town Boy” went to the top of the Country  chart, and now,  two years later, he’s back with “Ridin’ Roads” a song inspired by his younger days (and nights) cruising the rural countryside and hanging out with his friends.

If these lyrics click with you, than you are in luck, because “Ridin’ Roads”is a hit, and you’ll be hearing it a lot.  Currently, it’s # 5 in Country radio airplay.

Ridin’ roads
Ridin’ roads
Uh, yeah

This town ain’t got no nightclub
We don’t need the neon lights

Got you a Bullet in a koozie, keep it ice cold
You take a sip ‘fore we get gone

In contrast to the simple lyrics, the accompanying video is tres artsy, with all kinds of creative imaging.

Country superstar Alan Jackson also sang about riding around the countryside in his cover of  “Mercury Boogie,” a song first done in 1949.  He renamed it “Mercury Blues” and enhanced a story line that alluded to James Dean’s Mercury in “Rebel Without a Cause.”