Of course I know who Lady Gaga is, and so do you, as does everybody—her wild outfits, the platform shoes; she’s outspoken, she cut an album of standards with Tony Bennett and he said ““she’s the real thing.”

And yet…I’m not aware of any of her songs or what she sounds like, except for this one right here– “”Perfect Illusion” –which is PERFECT!

The lyrics are so clever, Lady Gaga’s voice is forceful and beautiful;  “Perfect Illusion” is a great song, so no wonder it’s landed inside pop radios top 20 most played songs less than a week after its release.

This is Gaga’s first new, original material in nearly three years.  It’s a single right now, but an album is expected soon.  The Tony Bennett album was two years ago.

There are rumors Gaga might perform at Super Bowl 51 in February.

You heard it here first!