On Saturday—March 25th–Captain Fantastic hits the big 70!

To put Elton John’s remarkable career in perspective, “Your Song,” his first hit, came out in 1970—he’s been a pop icon for 47 years and his star is still rising—in addition to almost constant touring, he’s composing the score for the upcoming Broadway musical “The Devil Wears Prada ” and he’s raising two sons with his partner, David Furnish.

Happy Birthday EJ…you wear it well!


RIP Chuck Berry

Last Saturday millions received the sad news that Chuck Berry, one of rock’s true pioneers, passed away at his home in St. Louis.

Though much older than the teens he sang to in the 50’s and 60s’ –Berry was in his early 20’s when the first crop of Boomers were still in diapers–he knew exactly what our generation was thinking and feeling and he put it to song elegantly and eloquently.

His classics have been covered by the best: The Beatles, The Stones, The Beach Boys, Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Rivers and many more.

John Lennon said “if you tried to give rock and roll another name you might call it ‘Chuck Berry’.”

Remember that standout scene in “Back to the Future” when Michael J. Fox takes the stage at the class prom and busts out with “Johnny B. Goode” with Marvin Berry leading the back up band? What a set up. While the song was playing for that classic backstage call…”Chuck, Chuck..it’s Marvin…(pause)…YOUR COUSIN Marvin Berry! You know that new sound you were looking for? Well, listen to this!” holds the phone toward the stage.

We’ve been listening to Chuck Berry most of our life, and will probably never stop. His music is a big part of the the soundtrack of our lives.

Here are two versions of Johnny B. Goode. One is Chuck singing at the famed T.A.M.I. concert from 1964, and the above mentioned clip from “Back to the Future,” with Michael J. Fox singing Johnny B. Goode.