Labor day is a national holiday that honors “labor” by giving “laborers” the day off, so what better way to chill and enjoy it  (though we know many are hard at work today) than watching and listening to a very laid back Todd Rundgren along with Daryl Hall and assorted buddies with their version of “Bang On The Drum” proclaiming the great phrase Rundgren created 35 years ago…

“I don’t wanna work I just wanna bang on the drum all day!”
The video, joyous and feel-good-fun, was filmed at Hall’s Hawaiian beach abode, includes a hula dancer, native drummers, mai tai cocktails…it’s Labor Day leisure with an aloha spirit.

Just in case you are not familiar with “Live From Daryl’s House,” aka “LFDH” or just  “Daryl’s House” –in 2007 Daryl Hall debuted his on-line series “Live From Daryl’s House.” Famous rock singers come to his home in Millerton, NY and we watch them jam. Lots of good vibes and an excellent way to waste some time. Also carried on network TV.