No matter if it’s 1969 with Marmalade’s “Reflections of My Life” contemplating the whole enchilada– past, present and future—and turning it into a Top 10 hit, or the brand new “This City” by Australian R&B, soul, and neo-soul singer/songwriter Sam Fischer, there’s always space on the playlist for insight and reflection.

I’ve been seeing lonely people in crowded rooms
Covering their old heartbreaks with new tattoos

“This City” is energetic, crisp, and plaintive: a guy beaten down by the indifference of “The City.”

“Reflections of My Life” had that 60s-70s vibe and was over 4-minutes long. Today we are too time-pressed for that indulgence, and expect our troubadours to wrap it up in 3-minutes or so, which Fischer does.

28-year old Sam Fischer is due for his big break and it looks like “This City” is it.  He was disillusioned when he wrote it, and has said that the song’s success changed his life. He began his music studies at three-years old, later graduating from Boston’s Berklee College of Music and is classically trained in both violin and saxophone.