It’s hard to believe that Boomers considered “peace, love and understanding” a viable worldview vs. today, where the choices are far more bellicose.

Often, we look to artists to help us focus, to organize our world and express it in a way we can understand, knowing that all artists, whatever their medium, incorporate their various life experiences into their work.

For singer, songwriter and activist Jason Mraz it was a visit with a Buddhist monk in Myanmar six years ago that gave birth to his new single “Have It All.”  A Traditional! Pop! Song! with a big dose of happy.

How can you not love lines like these?

…may the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows

May you know the meaning of the word happiness…
May you be treated like an esteemed guest…
May you get to rest, may you catch your breath…

Could  “be happy” be trending? For 5-minutes?  Country’s Luke Bryan’s hopeful, upbeat message made “Most People Are Good” a hit, and Kenny Chesney’s anthemic “Get Along” is headed to #1.

Mraz delivers the message in a big way, something Johnny Nash also did, in 1972, when he wrote and sang his number one smash “I Can See Clearly Now.”