I like me better when I’m with you.

What a great line. Simple, direct, summing it all up.

“I Like Me Better” is the new release by singer/songwriter Lauv, born Ari Leff in San Francisco 23 yeas ago, to Latvian parents. He’s a graduate of New York University, and has a successful career in the music business as a writer and producer.

No matter that early Boomers may have grandchildren near Lauv’s age, this song is relatable to all generations, a sentiment made obvious in the video, which includes “young love” and “older love,” too.

The good:

The lyrics are easy to understand and make sense.

The message is uplifting and sweet.

The mood is mellow. Light-hearted but sincere.

Watching the video on YouTube (where it is at 29+ million views) is the way to “listen” to it.

Why you’d want to listen to this song:

It could make you feel good.

It’s a reminder that there’s always someone in the room, writing or singing a line, that reminds us of our shared humanity–everybody likes to be in love, and enjoys watching people in love–all ages, all cultures.

“I Like Me Better” was released over a year ago–it’s taken a while, but now it’s a hit on both Top 40 (#8 this week) and Adult Top 40 (headed to top 10).

Lauv gained exposure and a wider following when he joined Ed Sheeran on part of his Asia tour at the end of 2017.

The more things change…in 1991, three years before Lauv was born, a quintet of teens from Waco, Texas named Hi-Five soared to #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 with “I Like The Way (The Kissing Game),” also a smooth song about love, with easily understandable lyrics, only not as subtle–this song is more sexual and physical, but tasteful.

Food for thought: Do these two songs, one simplistic, one suggestive, say “something” about man/woman relationships and gender roles in these two different time periods?