What are the chances that we’d end up dancing?
Like two in a million, like once in a life
That I could have found you, put my arms around you
“Chances,” the latest by Backstreet Boys, is a love song, romantic and dreamy, wide-eyed at the miracle of meeting someone special.

…Is it love? Is it fate?
Where it leads, who can say?
Maybe you and I were meant to be

Bottom line, this is the kind of song that every woman wants her man to sing to her, a rousing “Viva  Romance” shout out, and a good soundtrack for  Valentine’s day, a mere five weeks away.

In 2017, Backstreet Boys began their “Larger Than Life” residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, the fastest selling residency in Vegas history,  and then, last year, they made a big comeback with “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” which wound up becoming their biggest hit in more than a dozen years.

On Jan. 25th, BSB drop their long awaited new album, “DNA,” which includes “Chances.”

Steve Winwood had a hit in 1981 with  “While You See A Chance” which also contemplated destiny and chance, but from a different point of view:

While you see a chance take it
Find romance, fake it
Because it’s all on you

Coincidence:   Both videos feature contemporary ballet and modern dancers.