Here’s a clip from the latest “Star Is Born”–the one with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper–it’s a concert scene that feels so real –so 70s–the crowd’s enthusiasm, the smoke, the lights…(it has almost 72 million YouTube views).

The song is “Shallow” and it’s the film’s equivalent to “Evergreen” from our generation’s “Star is Born”  (1976) –the one with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. Both songs are intensely dramatic.

“Shallow” is racing up both Adult Top 40 and Adult Contemporary charts and if the pace keeps up, could go to  #1, which is where Barbra Streisand took “Evergreen” which also won an Oscar for “Best Original Song” and the Grammy for “Song Of The Year.”

This latest movie adaptation has gotten raves from critics and the public alike.

Generational differences: This film version has lots of F-bombs.