This group, this song, and even the video are good, accessible examples of great new music that Boomers can relate to.

“Believer,” currently #19 on the Adult Top 40 chart, and one of the year’s biggest Alternative Rock hits, is “deep” and powerful, intelligent and revealing–like many of the songs we listened to when we were younger.

Plus its got that pulsating percussion, powerful and anthem-like, that you hear in “Eye of The Tiger” by Survivor, a hard driving rocker that was was #1 for 6-weeks in 1982.  The kind of song you add to your personal “pump up” mix.

Sure, Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones still tour and attract huge audiences world-wide, but when you hear something as new and fresh and as good as “Believer” it’s a stark reminder that times have changed, the torch has been passed.

Staying connected to new music keeps us connected to the culture at large. As a Boomer, there are some new songs and artists that I just can’t relate to, but this band, despite using the word  “Ima” and the  staccato, in-your-face rap-like rhythm delivery, is Boomer friendly.