South Korean 7-member boy band BTS is on the cover of the current Rolling Stone magazine’s “Future of Music” issue, timed perfectly for the release of their newest sensation, pop hit “Butter,” which got 11 million Spotify streams in a single day (a new high) and also broke the 24 -hour debut record on YouTube, with almost 113 million views (currently it’s up to almost 316 million views).  The song’s sound is reflective of the lyric “smooth like butter,” and the hook runs from beginning to end.

BTS has an immense, energized, young U.S. fan base and this week, with “Butter, they became the first international group ever to have a new song added at every Top 40 radio station in the U.S. that reports their song adds to Mediabase, which also tracks the weekly number of times a radio station plays a song.

The band’s members are good looking and talented, co-writing and producing much of their work.  Originally a hip hop group, their style has evolved, and now includes other genres. Their lyrics often focus on the problems of school-age youth, satisfying a need that young audiences have always craved, from rock’s beginnings–Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers –to The Jackson5, New Kids On The Block, Backstreet Boys and NSYNC’s.

“Butter” is charting on three formats:  #13 Top 40, #21 Adult Top 40 #38 on Adult Contemporary radio stations.

Formed in 2010, BTS stands for Bangtan Boys.