“Long Long Time’” is a beautiful and haunting ballad that pretty much closed the deal that Linda Ronstadt would be one of the greatest talents of her, and our, generation.

At the time (1970) Ronstadt was 24-years old,  just slightly older than Camila Cabello, one of today’s hottest vocalists, who is 21, and whose ballad, “Consequences,”  is on pace to log her another chart topper, and which, like many of Ronstadt’s hits, tells of love gone awry, delivered in a stylized, emotional, broken hearted vein.

To Boomers, she sounds so young, but maybe that’s what our parents thought about Linda Ronstadt, too.

Loving you was young, and wild, and free

Loving you was cool, and hot, and sweet

Loving you was sunshine, safe and sound

A steady place to let down my defenses

But loving you had consequences

Cabello followed up her first hit, “Havana,” a multi-format sensation with another #1,  “Never Be the Same.”

Both Camila Cabello  and Linda Ronstadt are Hispanic: Cabello was born in Cuba; Ronstadt’s heritage is Mexican.

Cabello won the  “Best New Artist” award at the recent American Music Awards, and is a former member of the girl group Fifth Harmony.