The Beatles had “Help,” Little River Band did “Help Is On The Way,” Joni Mitchell’ sang “Help Me” and now, Matchbox 20 lead singer Rob Thomas’  Cri De Coeur, an emotional, jagged, intense and soulful “Can’t Help Me Now,” about his  struggle to keep a frayed relationship from coming apart.

I stumble in the dark, tripping on a heart

It’s gonna leave a mark, maybe we can stay and wait it out

You’re the one that talks me down

And even you can’t help me now

“Can’t Help Me Now” is gaining momentum on the Adult Top 40 listings of most played songs;  “The more things change the more they stay the same:”  exactly 53 years ago,  September, 1966,  Eric Burdon  and The Animals had a hit with “Help Me Girl” — their very own crier de coeur.