Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a song that has a seamlessly smooth melody, with production to match, in which case you could listen to the King Of Pop Michael Jackson’s 1987 “The Way You Make Me Feel,” because THAT is a song with a seamlessly smooth melody, with production to match.

Or…you could listen to Charlie Puth’s “The Way I Am”…the two songs have entirely different messages but both are wrapped in that seamlessly smooth melody and production. We’re talking about the overall groove–it’s not a note-for-note or word-for-word match.

Puth wrote and recorded “The Way I Am”  because he was unhappy about reports that the public was more interested in who he was dating, and less concerned with his music.  “The Way I Am” is his response, and it fits both Top 40 and Adult Top 40 formats.

We love Charlie Puth, and take every opportunity to tout his work. If you are familiar with him and his repertoire, the following may be old news:

He’s a wunderkind, more or less.

He’s 26-years old now, but he was only 23 when he co-wrote, co-produced and performed “See You Again,” his 2015 debut single which was #1 on Billboard’s “Hot 100” for 12 non-consecutive weeks.

Today, he’s recognized worldwide for multiple subsequent releases, and his star is still ascending.