Coldplay fans have been waiting since 2019 for a new album, and it’s possible one may arrive later this year, and while there’s no definite date, there’s a rumored title –“Music Of The Spheres.”

Last month the group released a single,”Higher Power,” and the first person to hear it was French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who is currently in outer-space, aboard the International Space Station.

Chris Martin, the band’s singer/songwriter/producer told “People” magazine that “Higher Power” is “about trying to find the astronaut in all of us, the person that can do amazing things.”

Musically, you can connect the dots from “Higher Power” to Don Henley’s 1984 “Boys Of Summer” which was about boys trying get on base as opposed to flying through space.  The underlying beat drives both songs, and you can hear hints of the “Boys Of Summer” melody in “Higher Power.”

“Higher Power” is charting on four formats:  #43 Top 40, #19 Adult Top 40,  #7 on Adult Alternative, and #11 Alternative.