Country music star Maren Morris teamed up with three of the world’s top electronic writers, producers and creators and voila! They’ve hit #1 on Billboard’s Hot Electronic/Dance Chart!

Morris’ debut song, “My Church,” was a smash two years ago (;  awards and more hits followed, and now, by teaming up with Zedd, a 28- year old German-Russian record producer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who works mostly in the electric dance music genre, and Grey, two brothers who are also electric dance music stars, Morris is ready to conquer Pop.

“The Middle” sings of a love gone sour—“how did we get into this mess?”—and trying to “meet in the middle”— sounds like a Country song to me, but that could be the placebo effect, i.e. Maren Morris is a Country singer, so I assume she sings “Country” songs.

As Top 40 and Adult Top 40 radio stations ramp up their airplay of “The Middle,” might we experience 1990 redux?  That’s when another young singer, Mariah Carey, captured everyone’s attention virtually overnight when her first album debuted and hits like “Someday” made her a a pop music sensation.

(“The Middle” may sounds familiar, as it’s featured in Target’s current TV ads.)