EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, is played in clubs by a DJ who seamlessly strings together songs that set the crowd’s mood, controls the energy, sets the tone. The mix is more than a curated music set; it’s like an aural drug, lulling, repetitious, seductive.

That’s too hip for me.

Frankly, I look askance at people who say EDM is their favorite kind of music, and I say that as someone who starts conversations in line at the bank, or store, or where-ever by asking, “so what’s your favorite kind of music” –at least I did before I, and everyone else, stopped killing time in-line by talking to strangers about music, and instead interact with our phones.

Sometimes EDM makes it to mainstream radio, which it did in the early 80’s—when it was called “synth pop”– a good example is the English group Human League; their biggest hit “Don’t You Want Me” became a Top 40 radio hit everywhere. The content was freaky i.e. “if you break up with me we’ll both be sorry,” but the criteria of a “good” EDM song are not the lyrics, or creativity, or intent, but rather, the sound, the vibe, and how danceable it is.

If EDM is your thing, here’s a new song, “No Promises,” by a trio from Los Angeles called Cheat Codes, and featuring Demi Lovato.   It’s been in top 10 territory for weeks on Top 40 playlists, and now it’s top 20 on Adult Top 40.

The group brings a seamless vocal connection to this song–the end result is a dance infused pop romantic drama!

HaHa! If you are into watching the videos, Human League’s is almost hilarious; it’s SO 80s—the hair, the clothes, the lighting.